A Fair Exchange

It amazes me how many musicians give away their music for free.

Now when I say free, I don’t just mean in the ‘no money changed hands’ way. I mean in the ‘no value changed hands’ way.

What’s the difference you may wonder. Well to me, you can ask for something other than money in exchange for your music.

How about an email address for instance?

There’s a saying in business that ‘the money is in the list’ and these days that’s true in the music business too.

By all means have your music available to listen to on Soundcloud and the like. But make sure that when someone downloads, they have to give their email address.

Once someone has given you their email address – if you’ve asked for it in the right way – they’ve given you permission to contact them again about your music.

Do you think that if you kept in touch with that person from time to time – let them know about gigs, new tracks, let them have exclusive access before the general public – they’d be more likely or less likely to buy from you at some point?

There’s a business adage that you have to make contact with someone seven times before they’ll become a buyer. With the ever increasing bombardment by marketing messages, I think that number has increased significantly.

So letting listeners download your music without giving you their email address is just like opening a shop and letting shoplifters have a field day. No matter how many tracks you let them download, if they are controlling the contact with you, you are far less likely to be able to sell them some music in the future.

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