Fake It Until You Make It!

“Fake It Until You Make It” can be a great philosophy.

“Act As If” to “Make It So”

There’s certainly a lot to be said for emulating the highly successful artists in your genre – whether it’s launching your range of merchandise or just simply believing you are the big success you are planning to be. Having that confidence and self belief works wonders in getting fans, suppliers and the media to follow you.

But there is one area where faking it can be a dangerous strategy – and it can actually backfire on you unless you know what you are doing.

Social media and music sharing sites give artists access to potential fans in a way that artists of the 60s, 70s, 80s and even the 90s could only dream of.

Many artists gather huge followings on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc – and even the most maverick music follower will follow trends to some degree and is more likely to listen to a track that’s had 20,000 plays than one that’s had 200.

So the challenge for an unknown artist is how to get to the stage of having 20,000 so that the track takes off and growth becomes self-perpetuating.

There are a growing number of websites that offer ‘get more fans/likes/followers/plays’ but be warned – these can do more harm than good in the long term.

There is a fine balance to be drawn between quantity and quality.

Likes from fake accounts may boost your profile in the short term but numbers aren’t everything.

The whole point of building a social media presence should be to build a fan base – and the whole point of building a fan base is to lead those people towards buying your music – and buying it repeatedly.

So just be careful about using these kind of services – and whatever you do, don’t start to believe your own hype and base income projections on a fan base that is built on sand.

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