Go Compare!

For many musicians, being compared to someone else is frustrating and annoying. Every artist likes to think they have their own unique sound, style, look.

And while it’s important to have a relatively individual ‘you’, there are huge benefits in giving some thought to who you are, or might be, compared to.

There’s a good chance that if you have a bit of a Rolling Stones vibe going on, then Rolling Stones fans might be drawn to your music. So you can then focus your efforts on getting your music in front of more Rolling Stones fans by:

  • using “Rolling Stones” tags when uploading your music to music websites
  • liking then interacting with the Rolling Stones Facebook page and any fan pages or tribute band pages
  • targeting advertising at those fans on websites they visit

Targeted advertising is cheaper than mass broadcast advertising. So you can make your advertising budget go a lot further by focusing it on smaller groups of people.

Many music websites work on the basis of ‘discovery’. Pioneered by Amazon (“People who bought this thing you’re buying also bought these things…”), discovery sites take users on a journey based on association. As users indicate they like a particular song or artist, the website finds other music it things the user will like.

So getting clear about who you could be compared with allows these websites to put your music in front of users who are far more likely to like it – which means they are more likely to connect with you, interact with you and eventually buy from you.

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