Habits v Rituals

I spent this last weekend on a personal development workshop in London. A topic that was briefly touched upon really struck a chord with me. Often we are encouraged to review and improve our habits. Whether it’s giving up smoking, improving our diet, getting more exercise or taking action in business. We are what we […]

The Power of Re-Marketing

Almost every sales and marketing consultant will tell you that you need to ‘touch’ or interact with your prospects multiple times before they will buy. As the number of marketing messages each of us is exposed to rises almost daily, so the number of touches needed grows too. Conventional wisdom suggests seven – your prospects […]

The Path to Wealth

Having attended a few property networking events last year, I was interested to see some puzzled looks from people when they discovered that, despite there being one of the best buying opportunities in UK property, I was not currently buying. You would think that a renowned shopaholic like me would never miss out on the […]