What’s Done is Done

As yet another busy week flies by – and best laid plans of progressing certain projects fall by the wayside as a constant stream of emergencies and distractions divert your attention and resources – it’s easy to get to the end of the week and feel you’ve accomplished nothing.

To Do lists and Goal lists are essential but sometimes life has a way of sending us off in crazy directions and it’s easy to forget that while we didn’t cross items off our lists, we actually achieved a whole lot of other stuff.

So as well as having a To Do List, think about writing down what you actually did as well as a way of recognising your achievements.

Another important factor is Celebration.

So often when we do achieve something, we just tick it off the list and move onto the next item without pausing to reflect and celebrate.

Watch any football match, from the Premier League down to kids in the park and you will see the team that has just scored a goal take time out to celebrate. Yes, there’s only 90 minutes of play in the game but they take a few precious seconds to celebrate a goal before continuing with the match.

The act of celebrating an achievement gives it significance, it reinforces it as a positive experience in our mind and in our psyche. The Law of Attraction states that we get what we focus on. So giving attention to our achievements, however small, sets the wheels of the universe in motion to drive us towards more success, just as staring at our unachieved To Do list with a feeling of failure is likely to have us focusing on, and therefore receiving, more failure.

I find that even in what we think of as failures there is a success to be found, recognised and celebrated. Instead of focusing on the failure, search for the achievement, the success it contains.

It is said that Thomas Edison had almost a thousand failed prototypes for the light bulb. His view of each of these was that he’d succeeded in finding another way NOT to make a light bulb.

Isn’t that so much more powerful?

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